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"An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules..."

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29................ FIRST PRACTICE: All Fall Sports (FB Helmets only)
First Practice: Middle School Cheer & Volleyball, Football (helmets only)
2................ Tennis, Golf, Cheer Rules Clinic 4:30 pm Stall HS
Vollleyball, Swim, Football, Cross Country
Rules Clinic 6:00 pm Stall HS
3................ Middle School Principal & AD Meeting 9:00 am League Office
Tennis, Golf, Cheer Rules Clinic 4:30 pm Mauldin HS
Vollleyball, Swim, Football, Cross Country
Rules Clinic 6:00 pm Mauldin HS
4................ First Scrimmage: FB Only
Tennis, Golf, Cheer Rules Clinic 4:30 pm West Florence HS
Vollleyball, Swim, Football, Cross Country
Rules Clinic 6:00 pm West Florence HS
5................ First Scrimmage: All Fall Sports
8................ DEADLINE: Swim Schedules

June League Update

2016-17 Rules Clinics

  Football Schedules    

The following owe monies. Please contact LaVonda.

A C Flora

Howard Middle

Royal Live Oaks

The following owe baseball or softballl financial statements
and or monies:

Belton-Honea Path

The following owe Individual Wrestling fees. Please contact Charlie:

North Central

Richland Northeast

Fall Sports Pre-Season Practice Plan

Football Pre-Season Practice Plan

Football Contact Limitations

Open Season/Closed Season Practice Schedule 2016-17
SCHSL Sports Seasons 2016-2020

Middle School Sports Calendar 2016-17 M

2016-18 Realignment

135 ADM (2016-18 realignment)

Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussions in Sports

Concussion Management

Heat Stress and Athletic Participation

Heat Index Chart


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