South Carolina Basketball Officials

District 1

Rico Williams

District 2

Jerome Hall

District 3

Paul Behr

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District 4

Gene Simmons

District 5

Richie Jeffcoat

District 6

Marc Tindal

District 7

Leon Myers

District 8

Sheldon Bolds

District 9

Granderson James

District 10

Rosco Campbell

District 11

Jake Rosiek

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District 12

Sidney Gray

2016-17 Basketball Registration

Cliff Keen: Your New SCBOA Shirt

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2015 State Finals Officials

AAAA Girls

Derrill Dilworth

Alfred Hammons

Sherman Hickson

AAAA Boys Andy Pope

Eugene Sessoms

David Dendy
AAA Girls

John Trice

Frederick Jordan

Lynn Ceaser

AAA Boys

Doug Jones

Bryan Lipscomb

Kevin Brown
AA Girls

Mickie Wagoner

Carol Bodie

Al Walker

AA Boys

Steven Rice

Eddie Price

Lawrence Watson
A Girls

Rodd Pedrick

Jerome Boyce

Tommy Stribble

A Boys

Kenneth Duncan

Joedy Moots

Esau Johnson

NFHS Basketball Rules Corrections

2015-16 SCBOA Directory

2015 SCBOA Basketball Exam & Answers



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The South Carolina Basketball Officials' Association Business Meeting and Exam will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 at Spring Valley High School.  The business meeting will begin at 10:30 am (Officials’ registration begins at 9:45 am) and the exam will be administered at 11:30 am.  A make-up exam (for officials only) will be held on November 14 at the High School League Office at 6:00 pm.  November 12 is the only date on which an official may take the examination without paying the $25.00 late fee.  November 21 is the final date on which the examination may be taken.

Focus on the Rules:  Changes, Interpretations & Rulings


President - Sidney Gray

Vice President - Marc Tindal

Secretary - Paul Behr

Commissioner of Officials     Skip Lax

Time Line for SCBOA Directors

SCBOA Director Guidelines

State Review Board Members

State Camp Committee
Jake Rosiek
Rico Williams
Richie Jeffcoat

State Constitution Committee



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