South Carolina Football Officials Association

Welcome to the SCFOA's WEB page.  This  page  will  provide  an  outline  of  what SCFOA is and what it does  to  serve  the  Football Officials of South Carolina  and  the  schools.  Also  presented is a listing of SCFOA Officers and Directors.


SCFOA History

Founded  in  1944,   in order  to  provide  a   means  of   training  and  developing  football  officials  and maintaining   a   booking   office   for  varsity  football  officials,   the   South  Carolina  Football  Officials Association  has grown  from the original  12 officials serving  4 high schools, to its present size of 580 officials serving 197 schools. A basic rating system was developed in 1958 to assess each official. The rating  system  was  incorporated  into SCFOA's Constitution and By-laws in 1967 and is used today in assigning  officials  to varsity football games. The rating system awards points to officials as follows: a Rules and Mechanics exam - 40%, SCFOA Credit (years of experience) - 15%, Fellow Officials Ratings - 25%,  District Classroom meetings and preseason scrimmages - 15%  and Cooperation - 5%. Coaches do not rate officials in this rating system. 


The Link below is for the 2014 Football Officials Registration. New applicants and transfers must submit their
application to the Local District Director. Registration will be late after January 30, 2014 and the late fee will apply.



2014 Football Ratings


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Clinic Meeting July 2013

Directors' Meeting July 26, 2013

Directors' Meeting March 25, 2013

Directors' Meeting October 29, 2012
Directors' Meeting July 2012
Directors' Meeting March 2012
Director's Meeting October 3, 2011
Clinic Meeting July 23, 2011
Directors' Meeting July 22, 2011



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Annual Clinic: July 26, 2014    Site: River Bluff High School, Lexington, SC

Make-up Clinic/Exam: July 28, 2014  6:00 PM                (SCHSL Office)            

First Scrimmage:   August 7, 2014    

First Contest:      August 21, 2014 (week 0)

Playoffs:             November 7, 2014



Bi-Annual SCFOA Hall of Fame Banquet: January 11, 2015






Physical Form

Release Sheet

Football Peer Ratings Sheet


Officials' Rating & Performance Guidelines 




2013 SCFOA Football Rules Exam

2012 SCFOA Football Rules Exam

2012 SCFOA Exam Answer Sheet

 2011 SCFOA Football Rules Exam |

2011 SCFOA Football Make-Up Exam

2011 SCFOA Football Exams Answer Sheet




NFOA Information

NFHS Insurance Information


SCFOA Mechanics Manual

7 Man Mechanics (Quarters/Semis/Finals)

4 Man Mechanics (Sub-Varsity)


SCFOA Hall of Fame (Criteria for Induction)


Official Signals  

National Federation Interpretations & Corrections


"30-30 RULE"

Begin counting when you see the "flash" of lightning and stop when you hear the associated "bang" of thunder. Divide the number by 5. This will tell you how many miles away the lightning is. When the "flash-to-bang" approaches 30 seconds, this means the lightning is within 6 miles and the next strike could conceivably be at your location.  Wait 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or flash of lightning before returning to the field.  This will ensure that the lightning is far enough away so that a strike is unlikely. The count must start over at each subsequent lightning flash or thunder bang.



Interested in becoming a football official?  
Contact the local district director in your area.  

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President -Paul Pool - Simpsonville

Vice President -Steve Brush - Hollywood

Secretary -Chuck Cauthen - Rock Hill



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Bryan Murphy  Web Site

District 12
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Officials Representative
Commissioner of Officials





2012 Shrine Bowl Officials: 
Sam Davis, Doug Hudson, Gerald Parker, Smiley Bryant

Past S.C. Shrine Bowl Officials



2012 North - South Officials 
 John Hill, Glenn Miller, Luther Brown, Bud Fulton,
Lawrence Watson, Doug Snyder, Allen Mason, Eugene Davis

Past North -South Officials